This painting, on the side of a building behind Yonge Street, near Grenville Street, was unveiled in 2010. The unassuming alley is the final stop on the journey taken by hearses carrying the remains of fallen Canadian soldiers from Canadian Forces Base Trenton to the coroner’s office on Grenville Street.

In September 2013 the mural was seriously vandalized, totally ruined with spray paint. The original artwork featured a dove, wings spread wide, over a field of poppies. The original artists returned to the scene, though, and began to completely redo the mural. They first primed the defaced wall by painting it black, then set to work with a new design that echoed the imagery of the original mural.

“Highway of Heroes” mural in St. Luke Lane, off Grenville Street, behind Yonge

This new rendering features two doves, a Canadian flag and the silhouette of a soldier set against a luminous sky, which graffiti artist Jessey Pacho describes as “a very serene, heavenly cloud feeling.” Artist Kedre Brow also contributed to the recreation of the mural.

Hopefully this one will stay intact. It hasn’t been defaced since 2013, so fingers crossed. Suggestion to the store in this laneway: it would be *much* nicer and more respectful if the dumpster were removed… I’m just sayin’.