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Halloween on Church Street!

It was another very busy Halloween night on Church Street once again this year. The weather was crisp and quite cool, but there was no rain to speak of. The turnout was massive, having a lot to do I’m sure with events re-energizing after COVID-19.

The mayhem ran from Carlton Street to Gloucester Street, and every inch of the street was packed with people. There were so many inventive and impressive costumes; people’s creativity never ceases to amaze me:

The non-slideshow version is here

Here’s a short video of the scene at Church & Wellesley Streets last night:

“UltraChurch: 50 VIP Party People – 1948-2014”

About 10 years ago, there was a successful and productive project called The Church Street Mural Project. The mural project adorned walls up and down Church Street, from the south-facing wall of The Marquis of Granby pub (now defunct) to the northernmost mural on the 519 Church Street Community Centre.

The Church Street Mural Project involved the participation of 25 artists and was a key part of the community’s preparation for the massive World Pride 2014 festivities that year. One of my favourite murals from that project is a massive piece entitled Ultra Church: 50 VIP Party People – 1948-2014, produced by artist Lily Butter of Butter Land Studio. The mural is 90-feet long and runs down a laneway (recently dubbed Dapper Lane) behind the jumble of stores at 568 Church Street. The mural contains dozens of portraits of people who have been integral in the LGBT party scene over the past 60 years.

The mural is still there at this location, but it is now very faded and fragmented, and soon (or so we’ve been told) this block of old stores will be pulled down to make way for more condos, taking the mural with it. I’m glad I took these shots when I did as the mural was still very vibrant then and still reflected the vibrancy of our community.

RC Coffee

RC Coffee (short for Robo Café) kiosks are popping up around Toronto.

So far in my travels I’ve come across two locations – one near the St. Lawrence Market area, and the other at 475 Yonge Street, above College Street.

Automated coffee cafe at 36 Church Street, north of Front Street East
RC Coffee automated café at 475 Yonge Street, just above College Street

So what are they, exactly? RC Coffee’s website proclaims themselves Canada’s First Robotic Café – Fully Automated Coffee Kiosk, Open 24/7. Serving coffee without a live person present is the name of the game here. From their website:

RC Coffee is filling a void in the market for high-quality unattended coffee kiosks. We’re looking to change the perception of self-serve with sophisticated technology that brews coffee up to the standards of seasoned coffee connoisseurs. No more drip, no more pods. RC Coffee taps into the potential of the latest Eversys Cameo espresso machine technology to rival the coffee from any café.

Here at RC Coffee, we understand that it’s more than just great coffee that keeps people coming back. Our robots delight users with their speed of service and accuracy. Our simple mobile app makes it easy to find the closest Robo Café, remotely view the menu, and load an account via credit card. Next time, you can load your previous order or select from saved favourites, selecting personalized blends at the touch of a button.

So much for the personal touch. Oh well, automation marches on, I guess.

Other RC Coffee locations in Toronto are at:

Toronto General Hospital, 200 Elizabeth Street
Kensington Market, 160 Baldwin Street
Little Italy, 550 College Street
Lyndhurst Centre, 520 Sutherland Drive
Dundas Station, 1 Dundas Street West
St. Joseph’s Hospital, 30 The Queensway
Bickle Centre, 130 Dunn Avenue

You can learn more about Robo Café here on their website.

Toronto Pride 2023

Well, the streets have been swept, the tourists have (mostly) gone and the village has settled back down to its everyday rhythm. Toronto Pride is over for another year but it left in its wake a lot of memories. For today’s TOcityscapes, I give you a small sampling of this past weekend’s mayhem (each image is clickable for a larger view).

There were…

Merchants & Vendors…

Dancing In The Street…

Pride Pups…

Lots of Love, Colour & Messages…

Random Oddities & Mayhem…

If I could put a thought bubble above this woman, it would say: “What the f…?!” I thought the same when I first saw this tree taking a cigarette break.

And Of Course, Drag Queens!…

– That’s about it… see you next year! –

Pride Is Bustin’ Out All Over

I went for a little spin around the ‘hood this evening to find that, yes, Pride is indeed bustin’ out all over…

… At Turning Point:

… At TD Canada Trust (Church & Wellesley branch, natch):

… At RBC:

… At Wellesley subway station:

… At Scotia Bank:

… On rooftops:

… At the LCBO:

… Even at the Green P!:

… At the Fox & Fiddle:

… At the OPSEU office:

… At Rexall:

… At The Wine Rack:

… At Dudley’s Hardware store:

… And not to forget Dudley’s always-entertaining Barbie window:

… and lastly, good old Out On The Street:

See you this weekend!

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