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Street Art in Renfrew Place

Renfrew Place sounds like a posh street but in actuality is a back alley. It’s located one block north of Queen Street West and runs between Simcoe Street and John Street:

An interesting and colourful segment of Renfrew Place is the small section between St. Patrick Street and McCaul Street, which is where I captured these images:

Crossing McCaul Street and moving toward John Street, the alley is a little bland at first but becomes more interesting and colourful as you progress further west:

The Green Glow of Renfrew Place

As I moved further west down Renfrew Place I became aware that everything was bathed in this odd green light. The green glow in these shots is from the setting sun reflecting off the green exterior of the Umbra building on the corner of Renfrew Place and John Street. It was late afternoon when I took these shots, so the slowly setting sun was strong, illuminating everything in the alley and turning it green:

More Elicser

If you’ve been following TO Cityscapes for a while you’ll find the occasional post about the very talented Toronto street artist Elicser. I’m a big fan of his urban art. His style is instantly identifiable and his murals can be found in so many interesting spots in the city. I was pleased to find some more of the man’s work in this alley.

If you’re interested in reading some of my previous posts featuring Elicser’s mural art, please check out the posts below:

Barbara Barrett Lane

Barbara Barrett Lane is located just south of Bloor Street West, running between Brunswick Avenue…

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“Apple Alley”

I call this street art site Apple Alley because of its location: the first alley…

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Alleyway Art

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Continuing On…

The colours of these Elicser murals may seem a little odd but, again, the alley was bathed in a strong reflected light from the Umbra building on John Street:

And here is the very building which was casting the unusual green light on the alley

Renfrew Place terminates at John Street. Just before exiting the alley to John Street, a couple more Elicser murals can be found:

Looking back at Renfrew Place from Queen Street West, one more Elicser mural can be found atop the building. Note the Umbra building in the background, responsible for casting such an interesting green glow on the alley.

Barbara Barrett Lane

Barbara Barrett Lane is located just south of Bloor Street West, running between Brunswick Avenue and Borden Street.

The Lane is home to this wonderful mural by Elicser, one of Toronto’s brightest street artists. This scene is dedicated to musicians and the people who listen to music.

Magic on Sumach Street

Walking down Queen Street East this past weekend on my way to photograph Riverside, I passed Sumach Street; the colour of these interesting pieces caught my eye and drew me in.

At 60 Sumach Street sits The Magic Building. I’m not sure exactly what goes on at said building, and I couldn’t find much on the Web, so I guess it’s open to interpretation:

Above the door an annoyed-looking witch casts a weary eye on any interlopers…

… while a figure not unlike Metallica’s James Hetfield broods quietly on each side of the door…

Elicser on the Magic Building

BUT!… the best part of this location is the massive, impressive canvas by Elicser, wrapping around the corner of the Magic Building:

On the other side of Sumach Street at the corner of Queen Street East, is this utility box – unmistakably Elicser:

Elicser is one of Toronto’s best street artists who has helped define our cityscape. In photographing Toronto over the years, I’ve encountered a lot of Elicser’s work, all of it impressive and distinctive. You can read more about him here and here.

Here’s a short video on the man himself:

Leaving the magic behind and heading a little further east across Queen Street, I encountered these in an alley beside a building at 533 Queen Street East:

Quite good, actually. The only identification on the mural was a little inscription on the one side: Not Art by @ITSMAHYAR. After some minor Googling, I found a little bit more here about the Not Art Gallery and the artist Mahyar Amir.

I’m not sure if this mural on the opposite wall was by Mahyar Amir as well, but I thought the scales of justice were particularly well rendered.

So, all in all, it was an interesting little diversion that day on Queen Street East.

Street Art on College Street

I recently walked College Street from end to end; here’s some of the street art I encountered along the way.

Mural by Young Jarus
On wall of LALA Contemporary Art Gallery, Lansdowne Avenue and Dundas Street West
Overgrown Mural
Northwest Corner of College Street and Lansdowne Avenue
“College West” Mural
At College Street & St. Clarens Avenue
Utility Box
On the corner of Margueretta Street & College Street
The Gaze
On College Street, near Delaware Avenue
Mural at Lullaboo Nursery & Childcare Centre
Corner of College Street & Concord Avenue
“College Promenade” Mural
Corner of College Street & Ossington Avenue
Mural by John Kuna
Portuguese Pioneers Parkette

Galipo Brothers Lane

Across the street from the Portuguese Pioneers Parkette, Galipo Brothers Lane is a small laneway north of College Street connecting Crawford Street and Montrose Avenue. The mural pays tribute to the four Galipo brothers – Natale, Aurelio, Francesco and Giuseppe. They were master ice cream makers from Capo D’Olando, Sicily who established one of Little Italy’s oldest landmarks, the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe.

“Little Italy” Mural
719 College Street. This mural is by Just Sum Artist. Apparently it was badly tagged almost as soon as the artist finished the mural, though the mural has been repaired recently. It is difficult to get a good shot of the mural; it’s in the parking lot of an auto mechanic and there’s so many cars in the way!
Looks Like Sophie Loren to Me…
Mural on north side of College Street in Little Italy, between Crawford Street and Montrose Avenue
Utility Box
Corner of College Street and Manning Avenue
Mural on Domino’s Pizza Building
On College Street, near Lippincott Street

On Croft Street, Just Off College Street

Elicser Mural On Croft Street
“City is burning… Protect your energy”

Borden Street near College Street
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