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“Lineal Order”

In the courtyard of Symphony Place at 71 Simcoe Street, there resides an artwork entitled Lineal Order by artist George Boileau.

Created in 1990, Lineal Order is composed of three elements: a shadow on the wall; the life-size figure of a man; and a smaller figure of a little boy, both wearing a long coat. Sculpted in bronze, the man is slim, middle-aged, and wears nothing more than an overcoat. If you face the man you will see his shadow on the wall behind him, a silhouette of his timeless figure.

There is another bronze figure across from him – a small boy, also wearing just a raincoat. Both the statues are standing in the same position, upright, arms at their sides in a relaxed manner. Unlike the man, the boy does not have wrinkles or physical signs of aging, but he expresses the same haunted expression.

According to the artist’s interpretation, the sculptures are about life across generations. The boy has yet to make his impression on the world, while man’s imprint can be seen on the wall behind. I’m unsure why both figures wear a raincoat, but I’m sure it symbolizes a relevant aspect of the piece.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew’s is located at 73 Simcoe Street, on the southeast corner of King Street West and Simcoe Street. The church was built in the Romanesque Revival style and opened for worship in 1876. At that time, its location at King and Simcoe Streets was a busy place and most of the congregation lived within easy walking distance of the church. Across the street stood Government House, the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. Upper Canada College stood on a second corner and on a third was a popular tavern. With St. Andrew’s, the four corners were known locally as Legislation, Education, Damnation and Salvation!!

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