St. James Park is located at 120 King Street East; it more or less forms a square bounded by King Street East on the south end, Adelaide Street East on the north, with Church and Jarvis Streets on the west and east sides respectively.

While passing through St. James Park last summer I came upon a new structure – a bandstand-like affair, which I later discovered serves as a stage for outdoor performances, among other things. The structure is called the Michael Comstock Pavilion. It is named after a very highly noted and respected community leader – à la Jane Jacobs – who accomplished and revolutionized many things in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

Michael Comstock died from cancer in September 2012. Shortly after his death his friend, Barbara Bell, started a petition to name a local asset in his honour. This Pavilion is the result – it is meant to evoke his love of music and acknowledge his efforts to bring music onto the streets of the neighbourhood. If you’re interested, you can read up on Michael Comstock’s many contributions and accomplishments over the years here. Looks like he had quite the life.

When I first spotted the Pavilion I was struck and impressed by its graceful and gentle curves. Looking at it, it was not difficult to imagine the the strains of a summer evening’s concert in the Park floating through the air.