This is the third and last instalment of a 3-part post focusing on some of the murals and artwork in the Wilson Heights area of the city. Here, we visit some community artwork just outside of Yorkdale Mall.

These murals were created several years ago and I’m afraid that time and tide have taken a toll on many of them as they are quite faded and fragmented. The murals can be found on the outside of the north subway entrance into Yorkdale Mall.

I couldn’t find too much information on this particular Art Start project; the listed website on the murals is no longer active. I did, however, source some information on the Art Starts organization in general, courtesy of their website.

Art Starts is a program benefiting thousands of people living in marginalized Toronto neighbourhoods by providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for self-expression and creative collaboration.

The organization affords opportunities for vulnerable people of all ages to contribute to the creative ecology of their neighbourhoods, using the arts to help end the negative cycles associated with marginalization and poverty.

Art Starts nurtures local talent, beautifies public spaces and provides safe, inclusive environments for self-expression and collaboration.

I believe many of the subjects in these murals were the actual artists from the neighbourhood.