Waterfront Public Life Pilot

The Waterfront Business Improvement Area (BIA) in collaboration with MASSIVart presents Alpha Bravo Charlie, a site-specific temporary art installation conceived by Toronto-based designers Coryn Kempster and Julia Jamrozik (www.ck-jj.com). This public space installation is part of the Waterfront’s BIA‘s “Waterfront Public Life Pilot” project that aims to find creative ways to animate, enhance, and beautify public spaces along the waterfront for the community and visitors to enjoy.

Alpha Bravo Charlie” brings 15 decks to the Water’s Edge Promenade. The project takes the nautical alphabet as a point of inspiration, interpreting and transforming each of the international maritime signal flags into three-dimensional, occupiable decks. The decks are activated through leisure, games and educational opportunities. Together they form a social infrastructure creating opportunities for connections between people and providing opportunities to linger and play.