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Artwork Off Camden Street

There is a small street in the Spadina Avenue/Richmond Street West area called Camden Street. While passing Camden Street this past weekend I noticed a flash of bright colour from a side alley there and decided I just had to explore further. What greeted me were some very colourful murals and artwork.

North Side

On the north side of Camden Street there is an unspectacular – actually rather dismal – parking lot. Here are the murals I found there (’tis a pity the tag vandals have damaged so many of them):

South Side

On the south side of Camden Street there is an unassuming, dark alley that displays some pretty impressive artwork. These cartoon-style murals remind of that Lichtenstein art that was so popular in the 80s.

The murals below were painted in 2006 by youth from the Cecil Harbourfront Community Centre as part of the City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Project. These are seriously good:

In the same alley but not part of the City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Project, are these pieces:

Frequently the best art can be found in the most unassuming places…. like this.

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  1. David

    Street art is so vibrant! I always wonder when and how these artists sneaked into the area to complete these murals. Thanks Marv!

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