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Atrocity on Maitland Street!

Is no historic building safe!?

Passing these beautiful old brownstones on Maitland Street last week I noticed that a rezoning proposal has been submitted for 36 and 42 Maitland Street. These buildings are known as The Maitlands and managed by Hazelview Properties.

36 & 42 Maitland Street
42 Maitland Street
36 Maitland Street
Building proposal for 34, 36 and 42 Maitland Street… nnnnoooooooo!!!!
Someone else has voiced their comments
Just what we need… another highrise condo to congest the area. Looks like a protester has slapped on a “Squat The Village” sticker in response to the threat.

The building proposal would incorporate the two existing facades, which are Heritage buildings, at 36 and 42 Maitland Street and would look like this:

I find this trend of filling in quieter, charming streets with towering monoliths alarming. I’m no Jane Jacobs or Christopher Hume, but I must say that this type of city development destroys a neighbourhood; it also saddens me. Currently Maitland Street is a quiet, orderly, leafy and calm residential street. If these proposed changes go ahead, Maitland Street will suffer the same fate as Charles Street – a once-beautiful, tree-lined, quiet street, full of character, turned into a major thoroughfare with towering condos every few feet.

But wait, there’s more…

Oh, say it ain’t so… Across the street at 37 Maitland Street, this beautiful building (currently law offices) is also being threatened with a zoning proposal for a 49 storey condo building.

Zoning proposal for this site. At least they will be incorporating the facade into the new complex.

‘Tis a sad day on Maitland Street… 🙁


  1. David

    Yes I agree Marvin. You can’t be small in Toronto anymore. BIG is the rule. Gotta get those property taxes into the coffers. And the architecture SUCKS, new condos are ugly with no thought to design .

  2. Despina Kyraleos

    That’s terrible Marvin, they must be stopped. Let me know if there’s a community meeting. I will attend!

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