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“Immigrant Family”

I love these! There is something incredibly adorable about the characters in this sculpture.

Immigrant Family, a work by New York sculptor Tom Otterness, sits outside the Lanterra condos at 18 Yonge Street. The 10-foot high bronze work was unveiled in 2007.

Selected through an international public art competition, Otterness’ work recalls the experience of visitors and new immigrants to Canada, capturing their sense of wonder at seeing the city and Lake Ontario, while bringing them close together as they embark on their new life.

I think it is a good purpose of public art that it sort of honours being a newcomer in the country and acknowledges it is an important role to play in the society.

Tom Otterness

The artist and the developer discuss the project


  1. David

    This really is an amazing sculpture. I think they make a City interesting. I wish there were more of them.

    • Marvin Job

      I agree. Thankfully that fairly new “1 percent solution” puts artwork in front of all the new condo buildings. What a great incentive to develop new public art.

  2. Despina

    So similar to my story! I was a baby when I came to Toronto in November 1965, with my mom and dad. We arrived on the shores of Halifax, and took the train to Toronto.
    There’s a similar idea of a statue in Montreal, Jean Talon area, Park Extension. The Greek community had a statue made of the The Greek Immigrant Family. I have photos if you want to see.

    • Marvin Job

      Sounds great… I’d love to see them!

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