On the St. Michael’s College campus of University of Toronto, there resides a bronze sculpture entitled Neighbours. Created by artist Joe Rosenthal, the piece was installed in 2001.

Two figures lean on opposite sides of a railing with their gaze just past one another. They lean together while waiting for something, possibly speaking softly to each other while passing the time. Their facial expressions are parallel in somber intensity.

Their body language differs subtly. One figure leans forward expectantly, almost hopefully, as if they can see what is to come. The other leans with patient resolve.

In this sculpture, Joe Rosenthal has provided an excellent example in composition. The two figures are placed in an equal yet opposite position. This guides the viewers’ gaze back and forth between the two dramatically.

Joe Rosenthal, the sculpture’s artist, was born in Romania in 1921. He came to Canada in 1927 and served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1942-1945. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and continued his learning on extensive sketching trips through the Northwest Territories, Mexico, Cuba, England, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.

His work has been recognized with awards from the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canada Council, and the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy and the Ontario Society of Arts.

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