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“Sundial Folly”

Sundial Folly is a large concrete ball sitting on the edge of Lake Ontario. Located at at 25 Queen’s Quay West, it was created by John Fung and Paul Figueiredo and installed at Toronto’s Harbourfront in 1995.

A folly in architectural terms is a building or structure built for decoration without any real function. This particular folly, though, is supposed to work as a sundial – I’m not sure if that happens or not. Even if it is useless as a sundial, it’s an interesting piece of art and you can actually go inside of it.

Someone, obviously an “Aliens” fan, created this image on the inside of the sculpture

The folly rests in a pool of water. The water feeds a small waterfall that tumbles a few feet into Lake Ontario on the east side of the pier in Harbour Square Park.


  1. Bob K

    I always liked this work’ though it feels a bit unloved.

    • Marvin Job

      Unloved, definitely. The word neglected also comes to mind when observing this piece.

  2. David

    Yes I agree with Bob. It catches your eye but quickly forgotten.

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