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In & Around Portland Street

On my way to photograph Victoria Memorial Square (stay tuned for a future post on that) I passed through the Portland Street and Wellington Street West area. Here’s a bit of what I encountered:

Nice bike!
Adelaide Street West, just east of Bathurst Street
More condos!
Just south of Richmond Street West. Condos are going up all around this site, hence the message on the painting: “The last inhabited house on this street”.

I found this graffiti and artwork in an alley behind Portland Street, south of Richmond Street West. Lots of colour here:

Interesting white flowers
Ruby Soho patio on Portland Street, just south of King Street West
The Happy Sundae
85 Portland Street. Lots of colour and ice cream here. Next time, I’m stopping for a sample!
On Portland Street south of King Street West

Clarence Square
On the corner of Wellington Street West and Spadina Avenue

Houses on Clarence Square
Charming houses on the Square

Outside The Soho Hotel & Residences, 318 Wellington Street West
“Pas de Trois” (1984) by Russell K. Jacques
In front of office tower at 70 University Avenue, corner of Wellington Street West
Jump Restaurant & Bar
18 Wellington Street West. Love the spring!
That’s it for now… thanks for joining me on this little walkabout!

Street Art by Niyi Adeogun

I came across these last weekend, painted on the side of a building on the northwest corner of Bay Street and Adelaide Street West. Quite good, I think.

According to the bio on the right of the image, the creator is Niyi Adeogun, an interdisciplinary artist, design engineer and creative entrepreneur. He has a passion for art and innovation and continually explores how integrating both can improve people’s daily interactions with the world around them. He founded and leads a creative agency called ZeroResistance studios. His website can be found here.

“Double Standards”


Installed in 2020, Dreaming is a fairly new creation residing at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre, 100 Adelaide Street West. Spanish artist Jaume Plensa is known for creating large-scale public art installations in major cities, including New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and now Toronto.

Dreaming is 3 storeys high and was commissioned by the Oxford Properties Group Inc. in 2016. The artwork alters the area’s streetscape and anchors a reimagined public plaza called The Terrace at Oxford’s Richmond-Adelaide Centre. The piece is a cast stone portrait created with white marble and resin, installed on top of a base that serves as a public bench to encourage the public to enjoy the outdoor public space.

This portrait of a young girl with her eyes closed in quiet contemplation was created with the intention of passersby looking inward. Plensa’s vision is for the art to act as a metaphor for humanity’s dreams for the future and for a shared human experience; a concept needed now more than ever before.

As you circle the piece, an optical sensation occurs and the effect messes with your mind and visual senses. Seen from the viewer’s left, the work’s proportions and dimension seem as they should be. As you circle around your right side Dreaming seems to suddenly narrow and it becomes evident how flat the work is in actuality. Viewed directly from the back, Dreaming appears as a small sliver of material.

Dreaming, as it appears from the rear

Here is a short video of the artist speaking about his vision and creation of Dreaming, and the efforts to install the work in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre:

Click here if you’d like to visit the artist’s web page.

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