I recently walked College Street from end to end; here’s some of the street art I encountered along the way.

Mural by Young Jarus
On wall of LALA Contemporary Art Gallery, Lansdowne Avenue and Dundas Street West
Overgrown Mural
Northwest Corner of College Street and Lansdowne Avenue
“College West” Mural
At College Street & St. Clarens Avenue
Utility Box
On the corner of Margueretta Street & College Street
The Gaze
On College Street, near Delaware Avenue
Mural at Lullaboo Nursery & Childcare Centre
Corner of College Street & Concord Avenue
“College Promenade” Mural
Corner of College Street & Ossington Avenue
Mural by John Kuna
Portuguese Pioneers Parkette

Galipo Brothers Lane

Across the street from the Portuguese Pioneers Parkette, Galipo Brothers Lane is a small laneway north of College Street connecting Crawford Street and Montrose Avenue. The mural pays tribute to the four Galipo brothers – Natale, Aurelio, Francesco and Giuseppe. They were master ice cream makers from Capo D’Olando, Sicily who established one of Little Italy’s oldest landmarks, the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe.

“Little Italy” Mural
719 College Street. This mural is by Just Sum Artist. Apparently it was badly tagged almost as soon as the artist finished the mural, though the mural has been repaired recently. It is difficult to get a good shot of the mural; it’s in the parking lot of an auto mechanic and there’s so many cars in the way!
Looks Like Sophie Loren to Me…
Mural on north side of College Street in Little Italy, between Crawford Street and Montrose Avenue
Utility Box
Corner of College Street and Manning Avenue
Mural on Domino’s Pizza Building
On College Street, near Lippincott Street

On Croft Street, Just Off College Street

Elicser Mural On Croft Street
“City is burning… Protect your energy”

Borden Street near College Street