Hello everyone and welcome back to TOcityscapes after my little hiatus!

Having recently passed through Toronto’s Pearson Airport on an international trip, I had an opportunity to view and photograph this sculpture up close. Given that, I thought a post on this piece would be appropriate.

This work is called Tilted Spheres, created by the artist Richard Serra. It resides at Pearson International Airport in the International Departures area, Terminal 1, and was installed in 2004.

The sculpture is past the security gates, so only international travellers boarding at gates in Pier F will see it and be able to walk among its four sections. It’s so big and heavy that it was laid into the floor when the terminal was under construction, then the walls and ceiling were built around it.

Its sheer size and scope, at 120 tonnes, makes it unmissable. The curved walls create an echo effect that is endlessly tested by intrigued adults and children, thousands of whom pass, and touch, the installation every day.

Whenever I see this work in person I always become enthused; given it’s in the international departures area I identity it with imminent travel, fun and intrigue.