The last time I was out on the Queensway I encountered a couple of interesting sculptures.

The Ballad Of Ice And Water
97 The Queensway

It’s kind of hard to see in these shots, but the side of the tall bottle-like object (which is actually a chimney billowing smoke), details the formation of what we now know as Lake Ontario over the last 15,000 years.

The Canoe & Calipers
15 Windermere Avenue

This sculpture of Canoe and Calipers, marks the meeting of two technologies: the calipers a symbol of the old world and the canoe a gift of the First Nations. Both were instrumental in shaping Canada and on a smaller scale both refer to the history of the area – First Nations peoples and early explorers canoed Lake Ontario to the south and the Humber River to the west.

Most recently the Stelco/Swansea Iron Works Factory, which made nuts and bolts, occupied this site.