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“Untitled (Toronto Lamp Posts)”

In the Canary District on Front Street East there resides a chaotic sculpture by artist Tadashi Kawamata.

Untitled (Toronto Lamp Posts) is a twelve-metre-high tower that contrasts with the geometry of the condos, street lines and organized public space of Front Street in the West Don Lands.

To make this piece, a selection of lamp posts was sourced from various yards and depots and the artist worked in an organic way, selecting on the spot which post would go where, to create the effect he intended.

The sculpture, which invites pedestrians into its centre, is an accumulation of lampposts that appear to hold themselves together as Mikado sticks just before they fall. At night, the lamps are lit with energy-efficient bulbs, creating a bright internal volume.

The sculpture was commissioned by Waterfront Toronto and installed in 2015.

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  1. David

    Oh neat! I will have to look for this the next time I am I. The area

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