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Wellesley Street East During Solar Eclipse

When the solar eclipse passed over Toronto this past Monday (April 8, 2024) I dashed out of my workplace on Wellesley Street East with camera in hand and shot a few images as the darkness progressed.

Although we were not in the path of totality, it became quite dark. There was some very heavy cloud cover that day, so unfortunately we weren’t afforded a direct view of the eclipse, but it was still a very unique experience. Here’s how things looked in my corner of the world that day:

2:10 PM

2:13 PM

2:17 PM

2:18 PM

2:19 PM

2:20 PM

And then it quickly passed and became light again. The eeriness of it was great while it lasted…


  1. David

    I am sorry I missed it, but I had other things happening. You really caught the general progression of the eclipse Marv. Good job.

  2. Bob K

    This was a lovely event. Nice to have something that brings people together.

  3. MIchal

    Marvelous photos. It really was cool to see the progressive darkness and all the street, car & building lights come on so quickly. Even without seeing the actual sun, it was still somewhat awesome inspring. Eerie indeed. Thanks for capturing this experience so well.

    • Marvin Job

      It was indeed a unique experience. I found the stillness and silence, car noise notwithstanding, to be eerie yet somehow peaceful.

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