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A New Year, A New Site

Happy 2024 everyone!

I thought I’d start the year by introducing a new site I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. Actually, it’s more of an addition or adjunct to TOcityscapes. Enter…. TO Utility Boxes! (OK, not the most exciting/glamorous topic or website on the planet, but some may find it interesting….).

For about 10 years now I’ve been capturing shots of those painted utility boxes you see scattered around Toronto – they exist either to control the traffic lights or house Bell Canada’s telecommunication lines.

There’s been a movement for some time now to turn these grey, ugly, utilitarian boxes into something a little more attractive in the urban landscape. Local artists have transformed hundreds of these boxes into their own personal masterpieces. Viewing these boxes over the last few years it’s obvious there are some extremely talented people out there.

This is my first site off-shoot from TOcityscapes. I have two other urban photo projects which I plan to launch sometime later this year, time and energy permitting. In addition to TO Utility Boxes, eventually you will see TO Sculptures and TO Murals as part of TOcityscapes.

OK, so how exactly do you check out this hot new site? Simple – you can either click on the link TO Photo Projects > TO Utility Boxes on the top TOcityscapes website menu above, or click on the big button below.

As I mention on my TO Utility Boxes site, it – like TOcityscapes – is a constant work in progress, and I will be adding to it on an ongoing basis.



  1. David

    Good Luck on your new endeavour Marvin. I really like the fact that the city has allowed artists to brighten up our space with these box murals.

  2. Despina Kyraleos

    I am acquainted with the gentleman who manages this. He’s very serious and devoted to it.
    Happy to see its mark on the city.

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