For some time, it’s been on my Toronto photography bucket list to explore College Street from absolute end to end. Having never been west of Bathurst Street on College, it was territory new to me – even better! My College Street photowalk turned out to be an absolute delight. Here’s a bit of what I encountered that day; to see all the shots from this photowalk, see the link at the bottom of this post.

Psychic Reader
On College Street
Bethel Evangelical Community Church
1155 College Street
Flowers Outside Yerba Buena Cannabis Store
On the corner of Dufferin Street & College Street
Antiques at Ralph’s Hardware
846 College Street, near Ossington Avenue
Repainting The Revival
783 College Street. Revival is an event venue for hire.
Camões Square
In Portuguese Pioneers Parkette. Luis Vaz de Camões (1524-1580) is considered Portugal’s greatest poet.
The Garden
Portuguese Pioneers Parkette
College Fruit Market
Northwest corner of Beatrice Street and College Street
Little Italy Heart
Southeast corner of Grace Street and College Street
Piazza Johnny Lombardi
Southwest corner of College Street and Grace Street. Johnny Lombardi, Broadcaster and Founder of CHIN radio among many other things, was often referred to as the “Mayor of Little Italy”. He lived in the neighborhood all his life. This memorial to him was installed at the southwest corner of College Street and Grace Street in an area known as “Piazza Johnny Lombardi” in Little Italy. The sculptures were designed by Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales.
Old School Retail
On College Street
Sneaky Dee’s
Still at the corner of College and Bathurst Streets
St. George’s Lutheran Church
410 College Street. St. George’s is a German–English speaking Lutheran congregation with German roots. Their focus is to offer German and English speaking congregational life in downtown Toronto.
Fancy Franks
326 College Street, corner of College and Major Streets. Gourmet hot dogs!
Colourful Condo Balconies
301 College Street, near Spadina Avenue
Church With An Identity Crisis?
8 Robert Street, just off College Street. The sign out front says it is Iglesia Hispana La Casa de Misericordia Eterna (Spanish church), but the sign on the church door (and on Google Maps) says it is the Hungarian Reformed Evangelical Christian Church. Whatever it’s called I think it’s a pretty, quaint little church.
James Till & Ernest McCulloch – MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street
James Till PhD and Ernest McCulloch MD are globally recognized as the Fathers of Stem Cell Science for their research in the 1960s at the Ontario Cancer Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. They received Canada’s Gairdner Award in 1961, and were inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2004, and won the Albert Lasker Aware for Basic Medical Research in 2005. Monuments sculpted by Ruth Abernethy in 2016.