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“The Endless Bench”

A sculpture by Lea Vivot entitled The Endless Bench sits outside the main entrance of Sick Children’s Hospital at 525 University Avenue. It was donated to the hospital in memory of the artist’s son.

Two young women seated on the round bench are conversing; one, a young mother, nurses her infant, while the other is heavily pregnant. Two children play in the sand within the circle of the bench.

There is an inscription on the bench which reads:

“The Endless Bench” by Lea Vivot. Unveiled July 7, 1984 in memory of her son Morris, July 7, 1977-October 18, 1979, in appreciation of the excellent care received by him and countless others from the Hospital for Sick Children. May our children play in peace.

Engraved along the bench are 476 supporting messages and images from sympathetic people as the sculpture was being created. These messages include heart shapes, images of toys, hands, maple leaves, and hand-printed inspirational thoughts. Along the outside rim of the bench the word Peace is inscribed in different languages.

The sculpture is made of bronze and was installed on the site in 1984.

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  1. jody

    Absolutely shocking the things I walk by and don’t notice.

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