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“We Answer The Call”

On the side of the Bond Place Hotel (which is currently serving as a Dixon Hall shelter) at 65 Dundas Street East there resides a 28-storey-tall mural entitled We Answer The Call. This mural shines a spotlight on nurses nationwide. It amplifies their voices and depicts them at a scale that reflects their monumental impact on our country as a whole and our people as individuals.

The mural, created by artist collective OneDay Creative, depicts the diverse faces of four nurses looking out at the city’s skyline. Complementing the static image featured on the wall, and as a nod to the art and science in which the nursing profession is steeped, the mural also contains an augmented reality overlay, launched via QR code on mobile devices. The AR experience brings the nurses’ faces to life with voiceovers and links to stories from the front line and other Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) initiatives.

The work is acrylic on concrete and was created in 2021.


  1. David

    Bond Place Hotel! I walk by it a million times . I have to say that I never noticed this mural before. I need to look up, back and around, more often. Look what I’m missing.

    • Marvin Job


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