Toronto Through My Lens

Harbourfront + Union Station in Black & White

A little photowalk capturing Harbourfront, York Street and Union Station in glorious Black & White.


The View From York Street

Maple Leaf Square, Outside the Scotiabank Arena
(formerly the Air Canada Centre)

This installation in Maple Leaf Square is entitled Search Light, Star Light, Spot Light, created by John McEwan and unveiled in 1999. The 3-column steel sculpture is inspired by a quote from author Louis Untermeyer: God, if you wish for our love, Fling us a handful of stars.

The surface of each column has been extensively perforated with holes in the shape of five-pointed stars that glow when lit from within like celestial search beacons in the night. The effect is most immediately associated with the search beams that call attention to entertainment spectacles such as those that take place in the adjacent Scotiabank Arena.

Art critics of the sculpture say that the telescopic shape of the columns and the starry lights suggest a connection between the earth and sky; between the infinite cosmos and the depth of the human imagination.

Union Station

Entering via Bremner Boulevard:

Taken while Union Station was still under renovation

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  1. David

    Toronto is so lucky to have a waterfront like we do. There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a stroll around Union Station, through the myriad of connecting tunnels and bridges. it can become quite daunting to figure out where all the walkways go to, but never fear. you won’t get lost. Thanks Marv, black and white seems to be the way to go with these photos.

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