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“Garden Of Future Follies”

On the Front Street Promenade (Front Street & Bayview Avenue) near the new Canary District/Corktown Common area, there is a curious sculpture set of 7 pieces by artists Hadley+Maxwell.

The Garden of Future Follies (2016) is a bronze sculpture garden bringing together elements from over 80 existing public sculptures and architectural details from around the City of Toronto. To create the garden, fragments of existing Toronto sculpture were cast using a Cinefoil casting technique – pressing material directly onto a sculpted surface – to generate over 150 unique impressions that were subsequently cast in bronze.

A Little About the Artists

Hadley+Maxwell (Hadley Howes, Maxwell Stephens) are a Canadian artist duo formed in Vancouver in 1997 and now based in Berlin. Their body of work includes installations, performances and writings that employ a diverse array of media to rework iconic images and traditional forms as they are expressed in pop-cultural, artistic, and political movements.


  1. Bob K

    I always enjoyed this sculpture, though it is mostly in an obscure place.

  2. David

    OMG. I really love this and Bob is right. It is in an obscure place. When it gets warmer I will take a look down there. Cork town is soo cool now.

  3. jody

    Once again- I have never seen this!

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